A surprising daily news article from your Twitter feed

Atom is a prototype for an iPhone app that receives a daily push notification with a random news article that was tweeted in the past 24h by someone you follow on Twitter.

Atom brings you daily a single Tweet about topics that you're probably interested in, but that you might have missed.

The motivation for Atom is twofold:

  • Most mobile applications are built to be addictive by showing you new content every time you open them. Atom addresses this issue by updating only once a day and showing only one news article all the time.

  • It's easy to miss information that you are interested in, but that are about topics that you don't follow frequently (filter bubble). By getting a daily random news article from people you follow, Atom brings brings you news that you would probably miss but that you might find interesting.

An experiment by Luís Filipe Brandão @ Hacking Journalism 2014

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